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Julie's Greenroom - Episode 113

Julie's Greenroom



Episode 113: Mash-Up: The Musical

It’s show time as the Greenies unveil their brand-new musical “Mash-Up,” and they will be performing for none other than Edna Brightful (Carol Burnett), a wealthy patron who holds the future of the Green Room Workshop in her hands.


Featured Art: Performance


It’s finally here! The culmination of all that hard work, put into all those different arts: opening night! During their time with Ms. Julie, the Greenies have learned that the arts are many and varied, and all worth exploring on their own. But occasionally they come together, and when applied with time and rehearsal, they can make something magical.

Welcome to Mash-Up! The Musical.

Watch closely as the Greenies all piece together the lessons they’ve learned: acting, singing, dancing, costuming, writing, songwriting… everything! Try to spot them all: each performing art plays a key role as the Greenies tell the story of an Ogre who steals the arts.

There’s a lot of pressure - will the Greenies pull it off? It’s important to remember that the arts can be performative, or just for you. But this group of children are excited to share, and they’re going give it their all! After all, performance has the power to teach, and entertain, and inspire. The Greenies hope Mash-up! does all three.

Our guest stars return to watch the Greenies in action, and Ms. Edna Brightful stops by to take in the play. Ready? There’s no warm-up: the Greenies have been preparing long enough.

On with the show!


Guest Star

Carol Burnett